You will notice a number of inconsistencies in this blog:

  • marilynSometimes I spell Norma Jeane and sometimes I spell Norma Jean. That’s because Marilyn spelled her name sometimes witih the e and sometimes without so I am emulating her.
  • Another major inconsistency is the date of her death. Some accounts from third parties state it was Friday August 4 1962. Others state the 4th was a Saturday. Others state Saturday was the 5th. I use all three dates just to confuse you…haha…actually to include them the way I have read them and heard them in documentaries.
  • Sometimes I call her Norma Jean Baker and sometimes it is Norma Jean Mortensen, since Marilyn herself used both names.
  • Much of what I reiterate from various sources such as biographies, documentaries, interviews, blogs and magazine articles are based on rumour and may be radically untrue. I state as much quite frequently in my blogs. However many “facts” about Marilyn’s life are based on rumour and I offer the information I have researched with the best of intentions at reporting what is likely to be true about her life (as best as anyone can who never met her, I should think).

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