Elizabeth Short

Even though Elizabeth Short died in 1947, rumours about Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Short since Marilyn’s death in 1962 still persist. The reasons are plentiful although there is no concrete evidence to back many of these facts.

  1. Both women were approximately the same age during the same years when they were in Hollywood, modelling and attempting to land film roles.
  2. article-2272640-174FCEE2000005DC-291_634x772Both women auditioned for screen tests around this time.
  3. In Marilyn’s early years, both women probably haunted (pun) the same establishments when they were “partying”
  4. Both women may have been acquaintances or at least knew of one another, due to their attendance at these nightclubs and bars, and that they were in the same industry.
  5. Both women were young and glamorous.
  6. Both women “depended on the kindness of strangers” to maintain their living during Marilyn’s earlier years….meaning Marilyn looked for men who were reasonably powerful in Hollywood to live with during her early career. Short did the same, although these men weren’t connected closely to Hollywood’s directors and producers, but they were in some distant manner involved with the film industry.marilyn-monroe-love-happy-1948
  7. Both women were reputed to be involved with the mob. Short dated two members of the mafia.
  8. Both women associated with Mafia men, without realizing the perilous situation they may have
    placed themselves in.
  9. Both women achieved nationwide celebrity that will live on eternally – although for very different reasons.
  10. Both women died far too soon.
  11. Both women’s deaths have been the subject of conspiracy and unsolved murder for decades.
  12. Both women are eternally young and beautiful.
  13. Both women are tragic heroines of their own lives and tragic Hollywood legends.
  14. Neither woman achieved the level of success she dreamed about.
  15. Neither woman was lucky in love.



1. One was a beautiful blonde, the other a sultry brunette.
2.  Marilyn became an international star.
3. Short never realized film success.
4, marilyn white blondeMarilyn became famous due to her beauty and living celebrity.
5. Short became famous due to her beauty and her tragic murder.
6. Short had a supportive family and a home.
7. Marilyn had no stability in her childhood and was raised in foster homes.
8. Short was a drifter for about 3 years of her life.
9. Marilyn remained close to home, seeking fame.
10. Short wasn’t close to any particular friends, and no one seems to have many details
about her life.
11. Marilyn had many celebrated marriages and frishort_bulletinendships. many facts are known about her life, beginning in childhood to her adulthood.
12. Short usually dressed in black.
13. Marilyn usually dressed in white.
14. Short became famous after her murder.
15. Marilyn was famous in life.
16. Marilyn was a screen goddess.
17. Short was never cast in a film role.
18. Short is defined as one of the most fascinating mysteries in the world along with the Shroud of Tourin and The Count of St Germain..
19. Short’s fame arrived in death.


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