Tony Curtis

One thing I hate is a hypocrite.If anyone fills the bill where Marilyn is concerned, it has to be Tony Curtis. It all started on the set of Some Like it Hot, the first and last place where Marilyn and Curtis marilyn (1)would associate with one another publicly. Curtis claimed they had an on-off relationship which began in 1950. if so that would suggest that Marilyn may have been involved with Curtis while married to Joe DiMaggio, as well as Arthur Miller. Certainly, she would have been involved with Curtis during the imaginary marriage to Robert Slatzer. Many men claim they have had ongoing affairs with Marilyn Monroe. It seems as though they keep coming out of the woodwork. Myself, I am a skeptic especially since I’ve read conflicting accounts of Marilyn and Curtis’ personal and professional relationships. As far as jack Lemmon is concerned, I believe he and Marilyn were pleasant to one another and worked well as a team.

It is Curtis who caused Marilyn considerable grief and perhaps the feeling was mutual. Curtis was unimpressed with Marilyn’s lack of professionalism on the set. He was aggravated by her tardiness janet_leighand her no-shows. Curtis often complained about Marilyn to anyone who would listen. He criticized her as a person and he derided her acting ability. They were foes on the set yet in private Curtis swore otherwise. Curtis claimed Marilyn and he had a sexual affair and not only were they sleeping together but he got her pregnant. What? Curtis stated that the day he and Marilyn approached Arthur Miller, her then-husband, to admit to their affair, Marilyn quietly informed both men she was pregnant and the child belonged to Curtis. The men were stunned.Further, Curtis wrote in his tell-all “The Making of Some Like it Hot.”. ‘I just stood there. The room was so silent that I could hear tyres screeching on Santa Monica Boulevard.’ Curtis claimed Marilyn miscarried his child while filming hot. Curtis claimed: ‘When I was in bed with Marilyn I was never sure – before, during or after – where her mind was,’ he wrote. ‘She was an actress. She could play a part. She could give the part what she thought a man wanted. I never asked for more.’  Curtis said that their relationship fizzled out until they were reunited on the set of Some Like It Hot in 1958. By then, he was married to actress Janet Leigh, who was pregnant with their second daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, and Monroe was married to Miller. for her part, Leigh’s taste in men improved considerably when she divorced Curtis and married Hollywood heart-throb Paul Newman. Talk about raising the bar.

booksWhat annoys me about Curtis is that he couldn’t seem to make up his mind about her. First he claimed that kissing Marilyn Monroe was like “kissing Hitler.” Apparently Marilyn burst into tears curtisupon hearing this comparison. Then he claimed they were sexually involved. Curtis tried to explain away the Hitler comment as a sarcastic remark when a male acquaintance asked what it was like to kiss Marilyn Monroe. In another book he wrote,  American Prince (not too high on himself): A Memoir, Curtis again compared kissing Monroe to kissing Hitler, although he later retracted the remarks as ‘thoughtless’.Make up your mind, hypocrite. And when the actor asked what he should do after learning Marilyn was pregnant with his child, Miller allegedly replied: ‘Finish the film and stay out of our lives.’ Curtis wrote: ‘I stared at him for a minute. Then I looked at her. She was crying. “Okay,” I said. That I can do. I turned and walked out. I went to my dressing room, closed the door and locked it.’ Curtis,ultimately married five women in total. Such a success in romance. has been very vocal about his off- screen relationship with Marilyn.In his 1993 autobiography he described taking her away for weekends at actor Howard Duff’s beach house in Malibu, California.

While filming Hot Curtis claimed that Billy Wilder told he and Lemmon: “whenever [Marilyn] gets it right I’m going to print it so keep your fingers out of places you don’t want them to be.” In Marilyn_Monroe_in_Some_Like_it_Hot_trailer_croppedspite of Marilyn’s claims to the contrary Curtis claimed Marilyn “was in excellent shape and condition.” He said Marilyn did well with all her lines.Of his own acting, Curtis described his idea to make his character speak in an upscale Manhattan type voice as a “wonderfully inspired idea.” Ego much? Curtis also stated “if I may be so bold…. my contribution is a major one in the picture.” Ummm, has he not noticed that it was Marilyn people flocked to see in Hot and that it was Marilyn most of the critics praised? Sheesh. About Marilyn he stated “at the beginning she was okay, she was just troubled a lot. You know we all had to put up with it but I didn’t find it any problem you know. Say what? Perhaps time has softened his memory. That or Alzheimer’s. Of the kissing scene Curtis stated shewas naughty….she would fall on me and grind me not only with her mouth but a few other places. She’d wait until I got aroused then she’d get up off me. This is what went on and you know it was fun. I can’t think of it as anything less than that.Perhaps Hitler could.


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