Robert Slatzer

Robert Slatzer is an enigmatic figure, albeit a brief one, in Marilyn’s life. His claim to have been married to Marilyn Monroe for a weekend is one of the stupidest statements I have ever heard. Point in fact: he was (and is) a fat, rather homely man. Yes, that’s mean but do we really believe Marilyn Monroe would marry a fat, homely man when she had Joe DiMaggio and millions of men at her feet? Of course not. In fact, I have reason to doubt everything this man has ever said about their supposed relationship.Slatzer wrote a book called “The Life And Curious Death Of Marilyn Monroe” published in 1974. Although the book is of value to Marilyn (not Slatzer) fans, much of what is in the book that isn’t common knowledge or verifiable through public records. The most integral record of course is the wedding certificate which Slatzer claims Zanuck forced Marilyn to burn. “There goes our marriage up in smoke,” Marilyn apparently quipped. Much of what I edit here is a cut and paste from a blog entitled about Slatzer and Marilyn (with much editing): One weakness in ^Slatez`s biography is that he uses quotes of conversations verbatim that he claims to have had twenty years earlier with Marilyn. Who remembers paragraph after paragraph of

bobquotations from conversations that took place twenty years ago? Slatzer claims he met MM in 1946 at 20th Century Fox. MM introduced herself to him as Norma Jeane Mortensen. Why would she do that? She had been Marilyn Monroe for years and was now a burgeoning star. There is no way she would still be calling herself Norma Jeane. Slatzer also says they dated the evening of the day they met and that the date included a nude swim on the beach (sweet God, as we try to erase that image….not of Marilyn, of course). He also claims they lived together for a time and even spent a day working in the fields for a days wages picking cotton or strawberries when they were hard up for money.A movie star and a supposed movie producer `hard up for money. Okay now….this man has clearly been taken off his Prozac. He needs to be medicated again.

He claims he dated Marilyn for the next six years  during her romance with Joe DiMaggio). There is one mention of the romance in a Dorothy Kilgallen gossip column from August of 1952: “A dark horse in the Marilyn Monroe romance derby is Bob Slatzer, former Columbus, Ohio, literary critic. He’s been wooing her by phone and mail and improving Her Mind [sic] with gifts of the world’s greatest books.” It is indeed possible Slatzer was trying to court Marilyn – lots of men did. There is no reason to believe he was successful.

ross-2009061582432-bacon-originalRobert Slatzer he (and not Joe DiMaggio) is Marilyn’s second husband. If Slatzer knew anything about Marilyn, he’d realize that Marilyn had been marriage once before “Slatzer” (Jim Dougherty) making DiMaggio her third husband (nonsense). The picture on the right is Marilyn on her honeymoon with Robert Slatzer when the tequila wears off and she realizes what she has done. Slatzer says that he and MM were married secretly in Tijuana, Mexico. The alleged marriage ended three days later when 20th Century Fox got wind of it. Darryl Zanuck insisted the marriage be dissolved for publicity`s sake. Amen. Slatzer claims that he and MM went back down to Mexico and paid money to the attorney who married them and the attorney then destroyed the wedding license. Slatzer claims, “Back then, you could pay the attorneys $100.00 or so, and they would do that.” Probably true but I do not believe it happened in this case.

Slatzer claims that MM was murdered and has implicated John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy as being involved in the dirty deed. Donald Spoto’s biography of Marilyn’s life provides a much more accurate portrait of the Kennedys and their involvement in Marilyn`s life. “The Marilyn Encyclopedia” by Adam Victor: “Slatzer’s critics, and they are many, say that Slatzer is a world class fantasist, who turned a passing acquaintance with Marilyn during the shoot on Niagara (1953) into a lifetime career. The evidence Slatzer offers in “The Life And Curious Death Of Marilyn Monroe” is a photograph of him and Marilyn against the backdrop of Niagara Falls, on which appears the inscription, ‘To Bob, Luck & Love, Marilyn.’  “Slatzer has claimed that throughout Marilyn’s life he was party to her most intimate secrets. However, none of Marilyn’s entourage – except Allan “Whitey” Snyder, who contributed a quote to Slatzer’s book that “Bob and Marilyn’s long relationship was an unusual one, a good one, one that I feel was good for the both of them.”

Slatzer claims that a boxer friend of his was a witness to his marriage to Marilyn. The boxer marilyn(nicknamed “Kid” … no not Rock and not Crosby) initially backed Slatzer. However, he admitted that he lied for Slatzer because he needed money.Slatzer also claims to have interviewed Pat Newcomb for his book`; Newcomb told Donald Spoto she never met him. Odd that she didn`t just go ahead and sue him. In Chapter 23, of “Goddess: The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe” Anthony Summers mentions an article that came out in a magazine early in the Monroe/Miller marriage about Marilyn’s involvement with Robert Slatzer. Marilyn called Slatzer to tell him her husband was upset about it. Goddess says the magazine was the May 1957 issue of “Confidential” and that Anthony Summers’ source for this information was Robert Slatzer, who was corroborated by the magazine.There was indeed an article in 1957 stating nothing about a marriage, it does detail that MM and Slatzer met and knew one another and then Slatzer falsifies the rest of his tale.

An interesting opinion from no one special (no, not me) is you can bet once that “Confidential” issue hit the stands Marilyn would never have spoken to the Slatzer again. She was extremely private and had cut friends off in the past for talking about her. To have an article in “Confidential” that insinuated a sexual romp would have [angered Marilyn]. [Marilyn and Arthur fired the butler and maid who revealed the décor of their cottage while shooting “The Prince and The Showgirl”] As for Whitey’s intro to Robert Slatzer’s book, he took Slatzer’s word that he was a good friend of Marilyn’s.Later, Whitey later disavowed the book. A little late for publication however. Oopsie.

In his favour, Slatzer interviewed an authority, Jack Clemmons, a sergeant with the LAPD who was the first officer to report to the death scene. According to Clemmons’ statements Eunice Murray Marilyn-Monroe-Psychiatrist-Ralph-Greensonwas doing laundry at 4:30 am and answered his questions evasively (whatever that means). When Slatzer approached Murray, she denied any wrongdoing by herself or by psychiatrist Ralph Greenson, who hired Murray to watch the actress for signs of drug abuse or suicidal tendencies. Greenson refused to talk to Slatzer, as he was outraged about not only the suggestion of the Kennedy`s involvement with Marilyn, but the suggestion that Slatzer had married her. A journalist, Zolotow quoted Greenson as saying Monroe was not sexually involved with either Kennedy brother “or with any other man” at the end of her life. Greenson’s statements discussed the instructions he gave to Eunice Murray about the circumstances under which Marilyn could leave the house. Greenson depicted Marilyn as a loner after her divorce from Arthur Miller. in January 1961.

I quite agree with Greenson. Marilyn frequently spent her days in bed when she lived in New York City, as documented by her maid, Lena Pepitone in Pepitone`s book Marilyn Monroe Confidential, stated Marilyn usually stayed in bed in her New York City apartment all day, eating lasagna and gaining weight. When in Los Angeles Marilyn occasionally had dinner with Peter and Patricia Lawford. She reconnected with Joe DiMaggio, who usually visited Marilyn privately at her house, and possibly she did have one or two brief flings with the Kennedy brothers, although that is very difficult to determine. Earlier in her life there is photographic evidence that shows Marilyn and JFK (plus others) mingling beside Lawford`s pool but there is no evidence during 1962. 

No credence can be given to Robert Slatzer. His book relies too much on long conversations and speculation. We`ve had enough of that.





















































Confidential. People have stated the book is fraudulent but I have my doubts.It sounds like Marilyn and much of the information isn`t especially scandalous, if memory serves. When she was in Los Angeles by all accounts (and I have ready dozens of books on the actress and her death), she didn`t venture while she was in Los Angeles. If Jeanne Camen was the good friend she claimed to be, then the most Marilyn did was to have Carmen visit her and occasionally bring à bag of pills.“ Occasionally Marilyn attended a dinner party at Peter Lawford`s. She also reconnected with Joe DiMaggio.

Add to this the most significant development of the supposed Slatzer-Marilyn relationship: their communication on the day she died. This is where Slatzer incriminates the Kennedy`s in Marilyn`s death. Slatzer claims that Marilyn called him early in the day to tell him that Bobby Kennedy had been over at her house, yelling at her and pushing her around. She told Slatzer she was scared he would return. Slatzer says he went to her home in the early afternoon 


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