FBI Confidential Reports

Under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts, an FBI document has finally been made available to the public detailing the final year of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Marilyn was correct in her belief that her house was “bugged”. Friends thought she was paranoid but her suspicions has proven to be true. Thousands of pages about Marilyn Monroe were gathered by the FBI during 1962. In one report many of Marilyn’s activities and mental health were thoroughly documented including:

  1. Her visit to Mexico with Eunice Murray where the two women associated with members of the lead_largeCommunist party is detailed
  2. .Her association with Milton Greene,
  3. A comment made by a psychiatrist was detailed: Wexley stated “subject must get out with other people at once.She said subject is very vulnerable now because of her rejection by Arthur Miller and also by Joe Di Maggio (sic) and Frank Sinatra.
  4. The document also mentioned Eunice “Churchill’s: (Murray) continued to express concern over subject’s increasing dependence on (blank).
  5. An article entitled “One Year Later the Man who Killed Monroe Still at Large.”
  6. The FBI document concluded that “the article is nothing more than a plug for a cheap magazine.”
  7. A comment from Hon. J. Siger Hoover stating wherein he wrote felt “it is my duty … to suppress untrue rumors.”
  8. Information stating that Norman Mailer, the writer, was about to release a publication that the FBI was complicit in the death of Marilyn Monroe.
  9. Another statement that was recorded claimed “Mailer has admitted to recent press interviews that he has no evidence to support his theory and it is based on is “writer’s instinct’….He admits to little or no research concerning his speculation about Marilyn Monroe’s death.”

The Los Angeles Times printed an article entitled “New FBI Files on Marilyn Monroe reveal lefty pals, little on death.” The implication of the article was that the FBI suspected Marilyn was associated with various Communist sympathizers. The file continued until the months before her death, and included several news stories and references to Norman Mailer’s biography of the actress. Oh Mailer. Anything for that 15 minutes of fame. However the bureau never found any proof she was a member of the party.

cbea655ab0eacf123bae5d4d99c0c61c_500x648The FBI seemed to be unconcerned about theories involving the true cause of her death.It ‘s possible this was the case since the FBI was satisfied that Marilyn’s death was indeed a suicide. The article reiterates Thomas Noguchi’s belief that Marilyn committed suicide: “On the basis of my own involvement in the case, beginning with the autopsy, I would call Monroe’s suicide `very probable,”‘ Noguchi wrote. “But I also believe that until the complete FBI files are made public and the notes and interviews of the suicide panel released, controversy will continue to swirl around her death.”

Communist accusations indeed “continue to swirl around her death”. The Wire Anthony McCartney of the AP wrote Friday that informants reported on the actress’ late-in-life “mutual infatuation” with the self-exiled leftist Frederick Vanderbilt Field, whom she associated with while in Mexico in 1962 for a furniture shopping trip. No one seemed to like this relationship. The file said: “This situation caused considerable dismay among Miss Monroe’s entourage and also among the (American Communist Group in Mexico).” 

Honestly, when has Marilyn’s “entourage” ever approved of her lovers? The most recent, being John F KennedyJFK, was a cause for concern and he was hardly leftist. Then her brief relationship with Field became controversial. Rumour and controversy followed Marilyn all her life usually with no evidence to prove it, as usual. Toward the end of the article, the Wire wrote, it should be noted that, per the AP, a 1962 entry in the file shows that no one ever proved Monroe was a Communist: “Subject’s views are very positively and concisely leftist; however, if she is being actively used by the Communist Party, it is not general knowledge among those working with the movement in Los Angeles.” No one ever proved is the key phrase in this claim. It will always be the case that rumours about Marilyn will never be proven.





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