Marilyn Monroe – Voluptuous, Vivacious Vixen and Victim

Tales from the Dark Side

Norma Jean – the Unwanted Foster Child
She spent the first half of her life as Norma Jean (Jeane) Mortenson -Baker and the last half as Marilyn Monroe, a woman divided into two Norma-Jeandistinctly different, tragic identities. In her glamorous years as Marilyn, few people knew about her life as Norma Jean. Her early life began as unhappily as Marilyn’s ended. Gladys Baker,was Marilyn’s mother, an attractive woman of Irish lineage. From birth Norma Jean was a controversial figure. Gladys was a single mother, never married, a status that was socially unacceptable in the 1920s.  Gladys suffered from a host of problems:

  1. she was a paranoid schizophrenic
  2. she had no husband or father to her child
  3. she made a scant living as a film cutter in Los Angeles
  4. she had little family support as Norma jean grew up
  5. she was frequently hospitalized as a result of her illness

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