Marilyn and Pornography

It is rumoured that Marilyn starred in a pornographic film called Apple Knockers and the Coke apple in which a sensuous young woman rolls a coke bottle over her full breasts (they look more like melons than apples to me). What’s that? Oh. She also rubs an apple over her bosom. I get it. In my opinion the girl looks nothing at all like Marilyn in the film. Even if Marilyn had still been Norma Jeane there is no resemblance, with the possible exception of the voluptuous breasts. It is also alleged that Marilyn told Joe DiMaggio about the soft porn and he made a considerable effort to recover the film before too many people became aware of it. To view the pornographic film click here….you must sign into Google or Yahoo to see it. It was later revealed that the actress was Arlene Hunter and the flick was shot by an unknown director in 1948.

Much of Hunter’s fame was built upon her supposed resemblance to Marilyn. Her Playboy pose was hunterinspired by Monroe’s notorious 1949 nude photo session with Tom Kelley from which her own Playboy photo came. The so-called similarity in look between Hunter and Monroe also came into play when a nude Hunter starred in Apple Knockers and Coke. In fact, the movie was incorrectly billed as having Marilyn Monroe as its star. For many years there have been those who have seen the film and have mistaken Hunter for Monroe. If Hunter bears resemblance to Marilyn then she is one of the homeliest sex goddesses I’ve ever seen. Chubby, freckle-faced and brown-haired, I’m astounded that anyone would make that connection, especially since Arline Hunter’s career was in soft pornography and not feature films. People. Pah. They just love making up rumours. There was however a girl who also starred in soft porn named Cathy Monroe, and another named Marilyn Chambers. Perhaps fans mixed the wrong names together somehow.

Here’s the latest and “greatest”? rumour about Marilyn and pornography. A man named William marilynCastleberry , a former Hollywood bodyguard, alleged a pornographic film depicting a threesome between JFK, Robert Kennedy and Marilyn was seized from his home, along with other property … and that it would be going to auction to cover a $200k court judgment against him. The pornographic film supposedly stars Marilyn and the two Kennedy brothers, Jack and Robert. Castleberry stated he didn’t reveal the tape out of respect for Joe DiMaggio (who died in 1999), who was a “long time friend of his“. Eventually it was announced that the film wouldn’t be auctioned off since an anonymous benefactor settled Castleberry’s previous court debt. Castleberry stated he wanted desperately to get the film back and was “just sick about it“. Always the skeptic I think his “porn film” has got to be a fake. Would two brothers really engage in sex in front of each other? Isn’t that a bit incestuous? And would the President and the Attorney General be foolish enough to film it? Was Marilyn desperate enough to keep JFK that she would agree to a threesome? I’d have to see the tape myself and truly, I can live without it. No wonder Castleberry is in debt.






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