Little Known Marilyn Facts

Who can verify whether or not all (or any) of these “facts” are true? However, there are a lot of rumors about the star so I’ll lay some out for your perusal and you can decide for yourself which are and aren’t true:

  1. glassesMarilyn washed her face 15 times a day. This one is possible, not just because she wished to avoid acne, but her manic-depression may also have included the symptom of OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  2. Marilyn grew some facial hair on the sides of her face when she was 28. That one is true. There are pictures to verify it.
  3. Preferred the right side of her face in photographs.
  4. She had to ask a fan how to spell Marilyn Monroe when asked for her first autograph. This one is also true. She discussed it in an interview. Considering she may have been dyslexic, this makes sense.
  5. She wore glasses. Seriously? I never saw a picture of her wearing specs except in the film How to Marry a Millionaire. Her character, ironically, didn’t like wearing her glasses so she seldom did.
  6. She was sewn into the famous dress she wore to sing happy birthday to JFK.
  7. Tried 9 shades of blonde before she became platinum. That’s also verifiable. Early pictures of her reveal her in different shades of blonde.
  8. Didn’t legally change her name to Marilyn Monroe until 1956. Who knew?
  9. Her first modelling job paid 5 dollars, about  30 – 40 dollars by today’s standards. Whoopee.
  10. Her Fox contract stated she didn’t have to work when she was menstruating.
  11. wintersShe left high school after completing grade 10. That wasn’t too unusual for girls in the 1920s, as they usually prepared themselves to become homemakers and not career women.
  12. Lived in approximately 8 foster homes and an orphanage. Okay we know that one is true.
  13. Used Nivea Crème for moisturizer. She often smeared petroleum jelly on  her face as a “deep cleansing mask.” Actually, she did do both. During the Last Sitting she told Bert Stern “I always use Nivea.”
  14. A foster home she stayed in had a dog named Tippy. That may explain why the dog in Something’s Got to Give was also named Tippy.
  15. Was roommates with Shelley Winters in her early Hollywood years.
  16. Suffered from headaches in her early 20’s.
  17. Suffered from endometriosis, a severe uterine disease.
  18. Had abortions and miscarriages.
  19. Briefly dated Frank Sinatra.
  20. Was friends with the infamous Rat Pack.
  21. Suffered a miscarriage when she was married to Arthur Miller.
  22. Met and may have had a brief dalliance with Arthur Miller several years before they married.
  23. Arthur Miller wrote the script for her most disastrous movie The Misfits.
  24. One of the producers who casually used then discarded her when she was unknown, Elia Kazan, encouraged her to attend the Actors Studio in New York.
  25. Met JFK when he was still a Senator and she was a starlet, years before he became President.
  26. marilyn-monroe-joe-dimaggioWas going to re-marry Joe DiMaggio before her death.She wrote him a letter that stated she wanted desperately to “make one person in this world completely happy” 
  27. Posed nude for Tom Kelly to get her car out of the garage. She used the alias Mona Monroe.
  28. Gave her copy of the pictures to Joe DiMaggio as a wedding gift.
  29. Attempted suicide at least twice before her final overdose.
  30. During the last year of her life, Marilyn’s Brentwood home bore a ceramic tile at the front door that stated, cursum perficio: my journey is over.
  31. Met DiMaggio when he picked her publicity photograph from a stack of starlet photographs.
  32. Marilyn had virtually no clothes. When she had to make a public appearance she borrowed a gown from wardrobe then returned it the following day.

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