Beauty and the Beasts

Marilyn met two kinds of people on her long journey to fame: those who sincerely wanted to help her and those who wanted to use her sexually. Of course the latter were always men and the extraordinary thing about Marilyn was that these men were very powerful and high-profile in Hollywood. They included:

mmJohnny Hyde – Johnny was one of the good ones actually and helped to kick-start Marilyn’s career like no one else. He saw in her the makings of a great star before anyone else. Hyde managed to secure Marilyn a role in the highly successful film Asphalt Jungle, when she was a beautiful unknown starlet. It was an important step in her burgeoning career. However he wanted her to marry him. Whenever she refused, he threw her out but always begged her to come back the next day. It’s easy to picture the nature of these fights, Johnny throwing his pint-sized weight around and threatening Marilyn that he could end her acting career if she didn’t become his wife. Marilyn held her ground. As Elton John sang you had the strength to hold yourself up when those around you crawled.

Charles Feldman, an independent producer and outstanding agent, No one likes getting the brush-off but he took Marilyn’s rejection like a man and probably ventured onto the next girl

Harry Cohn – Cohn was the production chief at Columbia Pictures. When Marilyn refused to join him on his private yacht in the Catalina islands, he banned her from the Columbia lot.

Arthur Miller – surprise! When Marilyn was only 24, Miller attended 20th Century Fox and met Marilyn. He too desired her sexually but she rebuffed him and turned to another man primarily because he was helpful to her career.

eliaElia Kazan – this was the man Marilyn had chosen over Miller. Kazan and Marilyn soon became involved in a brief affair. Marilyn was known as Kazan’s girl. But at a party mere weeks later Kazan became interested in someone else and left to take the girl home. At that point, Miller became a substitute Kazan. People assumed Miller and Marilyn had sex later that night but that didn’t happen. When Kazan returned the next day, Marilyn was simply Kazan’s girl again. However Kazan hadn’t offered Marilyn a role in his upcoming film. As he was about to leave for New York Marilyn told him she was pregnant. Big mistake. Marilyn hurriedly wrote to Kazan and told him she’d miscarried but it was too late. Kazan never associated with her again. Quite unlike her, It would appear Marilyn had signed her own career’s death warrant.

John F Kennedy – The President himself used Marilyn in the same way Hollywood executives had in her early years. It is rumored he also “passed her on” in this case to his brother Robert, although that relationship has always been more ambiguous than JFK’s. Certainly her angst at his abrupt departure from her life contributed to Marilyn’s despair before her death.


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