Did She or Didn’t She?

10_bertstern_thelastsitting_marilynmonroe_bedsheetRumors about Marilyn and plastic surgery persist. Did she have a nose job at the start of her career or not? Did she have her chin altered? If so the changes were so subtle that even when looking at close-ups it is impossible to tell. That leads me to think “no.” Marilyn’s smile is very different from Norma Jean’s but I think that was because Norma was still learning how to smile like a model. Her model agent, Ellen Fulford, told her not to smile so broadly because there was “too much skin between her nose and her mouth.” This led to Norma Jean pulling her top lip down and creating that iconic, quivery smile. Marilyn may have had a foam implant added to her chin to give it more shape. Marilyn herself called herself a “chinless wonder.

Fulford might have sounded like a bitch but she also gave Norma Jean the best beauty advice in history: go blonde.


Then there’s the rumor about her supposed 6th toe on her left foot. A picture taken of Norma Jean does show what appears to be a distinctly extra toe on her left foot as she poses in a bikini on a beach somewhere in California. If that was the case then Marilyn would have needed plastic surgery to remove the toe. The truth however, was that a clump of sand was stuck to Norma’s foot giving the appearance of a 6th toe. Sometimes seeing isn’t believing. Well, not in the truth.


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